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Here at willow tree 90% of our animals are rescued  

we have over 400 animals onsite ranging from Farm animals - pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, donkey, alpacas,

Birds - buggies, finch, barn owls 

exotics - wallabies, meerkats, prairie dogs, reindeer, Harris hawk, Giant tortoises, African grey parrot, 

Reptiles - snakes, geckos, bearded dragon, barber skink, African land snails, crested gecko

Help raise funds to look after our rescues by donating to our charity 

we also accept donations of animal food and equipment and sponsorships for our animals 

Animals do get dropped off and abandoned at our gate we need your help to treat these animals 

Willow tree raises money for this through your donations every penny counts 

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